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  1. Jish

    There is a problem with the website

    It'll get fixed asap, but I'm not getting time to manage the forums, sorry.
  2. Jish

    Glad you are reading this.

    Good memories :P
  3. Jish

    Staff Application Form

    Your application seems interesting, and you're quite active. You are being added to the Junior Mod position.
  4. Jish

    Staff Application : JakClar

    Your application seemed to be interesting :D You will be given the Junior Moderator position.
  5. Jish

    Staff Application [Template]

    Staff Application Format: The following requirements for the Staff application are important. Thus, if the applicant does not respect these requirements, their application may not qualify. Terms & conditions The applicant must not have a history of disciplinary problems, bad behavior, rule...
  6. Jish

    Glad you are reading this.

    I think I wont be able to come any soon, there's 1-2 towers showing for my network carrier, yes, there's been another storm in here. No electricity till now. A message to every staff member out there: Keep everything okay until I come. I cant guarantee when I can come because this time, the...
  7. Jish

    Staff are not serious, they need to be replaced

    Hey @ojubro, I'm sorry from the Staff Team for the inconvenience caused to you. Here are my replies. • "They are not even helpful and they leave the majority of Hackers or TrashTalkers by not banning or warning them" ~> Samantha is a new staff member, and she's performing well, however, the...
  8. Jish

    Staff application

    Your staff application seems interesting, you're being added to the staff team.
  9. Jish

    Hello , unban appeal from SensationalDeath

    Your appeal was approved, closing this thread.
  10. Jish

    hello i am chicken

    Hi, your appeal has been approved, you will receive an unban shortly.
  11. Jish

    Applying for JRMOD or STAFF

    Sorry but, your application wasn't that Interesting.
  12. Jish

    Applying for staff

    Sorry, but your application wasn't that Interesting.
  13. Jish

    applying for staff

    Copied Application.
  14. Jish


    • Respect other. • No advertising or mentioning other servers. • Don’t ask to become staff. • Don’t impersonate staff. • No spamming. • No racism. • No all caps talking. This is considered shouting. • No unapproved links. • Be appropriate, No counting up or down. • Don’t complain about...
  15. Jish

    Application For Staff position by SoniParb

    Your application was far than better! You are being given a position of Junior Moderator.
  16. Jish

    Apply for Staff

    You have a quite good playtime in the Server, and you are being recommended by our Staff members. You are being given the Position of Junior Mod! :D
  17. Jish

    Apply for moderator

    You have previous violations on Server, and You have not followed Template.
  18. Jish

    Applying for Staff

    Your application was great enough! You are being added to the Junior Mod position!
  19. Jish


    Sorry, your application was not considered for the following : • Using all Caps
  20. Jish

    Application for Mod

    Your application was interesting! We will let you know when we are having space on our staff team!