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Application For Staff


New member
1. Read, and comply with the Terms & Conditions? Yes
2. Server- Survival
3. Age- 17
4. In-Game Name- NucleoPrime
5. Applying for- Moderator
6. Timezone- +5:30 UTC
7. Reason For Application- Interested in helping others and trying to maintain a calm atmosphere.
8. Time i can contribute- Usually 4-5+ Hours Per Day
9. Yes, I have a microphone.
10. Actually No, But learned a lot from staffs in some other servers
11. Handling Hackers- Observing him a bit and getting some proofs would be best, then a warn for him to disable them and and continue use leading to temp ban.
12. For spamming- First normally asking him to stop spamming and proceeded spamming will lead him to get a temp mute.
13. Handling would depend on kind of player and situation, would talk with him related to matter and will try to drag him out of the problem.
14. Why should i be chose- I am here from a long time, and gradually have developed my experience here, I might be able to help others better because I am usual to problems beginners or daily players suffer from. And always one who have suffered from a problem, might know a better solution to it.
15. I don't think there is anything left to tell but i will enjoy helping others in any way i can and will definitely try to maintain a non-toxic and calm atmosphere.