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i want to become a morderator


New member
1. Have you read, and comply with the Terms & Conditions?
2. What server are you applying for? (Survival/Skyblock)
3. How old are you? (Need to be at least 16 Years old)
4. What is your Minecraft In-Game Name?
5. What are you Applying for? (Eg: Dev, Plugin Configurator, Moderator etc.)
6. What is your Timezone?
7. Why do you want the role you applied for?
8. How much time do you have to contribute to the role?
9. Do you have a Microphone?

10. Do you have any past staff experience?
11. How would you deal with a hacker?
12. How would you deal with a spammer in chat?
13. How would you handle a "difficult" player?
14. Why should we choose you over other applicants?
15. Is there anything else we should know?

1. yes
2. survival
3. 16
4. ANsh6543
5. moderator
6. afternoon 12:00 to 2:00
7. Umm I think I am old at this server and knows everything about this server so I think I would be great for moderator
8. 1 year
9. yes
10. no
11. I will kick him out or ban him for cheating
12. see 1 i will warn him if they didn't stop spamming so i will ban him
13. i will handle a difficult by warning him
14. you can choose me as a moderator because if u will choose me so i will do my job with happily
15. i think no