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Staff application


New member
1. Have you read, and comply with the Terms & Conditions? yes
2. What server are you applying for? (Survival/Skyblock) survival
3. How old are you? (Need to be at least 16 Years old) 16
4. What is your Minecraft In-Game Name? i_Mary_
5. What are you Applying for? (Eg: Dev, Plugin Configurator, Moderator etc.) moderator
6. What is your Timezone? GMT+5
7. Why do you want the role you applied for? I want to help players and solve their issues
8. How much time do you have to contribute to the role? 5-6 hours
9. Do you have a Microphone? yes
10. Do you have any past staff experience? nope
11. How would you deal with a hacker? it depends on what kind of hacker the player is <xray,fly etc> ill take a screenshot or a video for evidence and then ban
12. How would you deal with a spammer in chat? i'm going to give him warning 3 times and if the player still continues ill mute him/her
13. How would you handle a "difficult" player? ill handle him with patience and if he annoys other players i'm going to take actions according to the server rules
14. Why should we choose you over other applicants? i love to help players and helping the server grow
15. Is there anything else we should know? i will try my best not to disappoint u guys :>
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